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Please Ignore Vera Dietz

Please Ignore Vera Dietz - A. S. King I can't help thinking that Vera and Charlie's story could've ended differently if they hadn't been thick enough to see through their own dilemmas. Maybe I'm a romantic that way but seeing how Vera was so determined and Charlie was so much a couldn't-care-less-type they could have actually pulled a you-and-me-against-the-world stint. As it is, it didn't happen that way and I guess that's what made the story worth telling. I liked the ending, anyway. How Vera was able to pull herself together which was also the reason that this is a good book for YA's to read. It is dark, yes, but the bottom line teaches the reader to suck it up and live your life. I guess it's the tough love kind of way of teaching things.Why only 4-stars? I wasn't actually raving about this book although I find it a good book. I think it's because of the Charlie part of the story telling? Does this fall under the supernatural genre, then? Also (SPOILER!), I don't understand why Vera was seeing Charlie everywhere. I would've wanted to know if it was a trauma kind of thing or if it was because of her drinking problem or she was just plain crazy but since it didn't say in the story I'd assume it's the first. Heh.