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The Interpretation of Murder - Jed Rubenfeld This was "so-so" bordering on "meh". I got it on a second hand book shop and I don't even think my money was worth it. I thought it was dragging especially in the beginning. It took me forever to finish it and only picked up the pace after I got past chapter 3. What I liked about it is the twist towards the end. Discovering who the killer is and the motive and how everything was done. Just because it was interesting. But really that's on the last 50-100 pages and this has what? 500? I also liked Detective Littlemore who is a minor character. I didn't even enjoy reading the parts about Freud and Young and they're given the limelight in the plot on the book cover. So that was kind of misleading. Some of the arguments on psycho analysis are okay too. I didn't agree with all of the arguments but that was fine.So now I'm kinda wondering what "Best Read" meant for Richard and Judy's Book Club in the UK because it has that award according to the cover.