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Olive's Ocean - Kevin Henkes If I was 10 or 12 this book would've been an easy 5 stars for me because it spelled out, what I think is, the most important thing everyone (not only teenagers but adults as well) should realize ... that the world doesn't revolve around you (so suck it up!). I still think it deserved a five just for that but, as such, it's too young for me.The book reminds us how even the smallest things can be stressful for a teenager and depending on who reads it, Olive's Ocean can come off as depressing. I thought the relationship between grandmother and granddaughter was sweet, though, and the best part for me was when Martha's dad walked her home and told her he used to carry her on her back when she was little and it was revealed: "... sometimes she wished it too. Sometimes she wished it with all her heart."