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The Fire Chronicle (Books of Beginning)

The Fire Chronicle - John  Stephens I actually enjoyed this book more than the first one. Probably because, of the siblings, my favorite is Michael and this is his story. I was about to give this 5 stars ... until I read the ending. Yes, I know it's not a bad ending but knowing the third book won't come out until next year (please let it be next year!) was kind of a downer. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!! lol. When I said on my Emerald Atlas review that Emma was the least I liked ... I take it back lol. She really grew on me and I thought she was cute. I also liked that there is more to the story now than just finding the three books.Anyhoo, the book is a bit predictable in some areas (like Rafe's destiny) but that wasn't so bad either because you only realize it as you read on. For die hard Harry Potter fans, yes, you will notice maybe a couple of similarities but please stop b**ching and just enjoy the story. It's not so much as the original concept but the story telling itself that I loved. I read on a novelist/screenwriter's blog that people usually come out with the same ideas but the plot develops as you write the story and I have to agree.