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Liesl & Po - Lauren Oliver Id like to get my hands on the audiobook version of Liesl and Po if only for the fact that Jim Dale narrated it. It was the main reason why I learned of the book's existence (second being Lauren Oliver's Delirium trilogy is already on my to-read list). As it is, I have to settle for the printed version for now but it's not such a bad thing because I fell in love with it's packaging and presentation. I feel like a kid again admiring the drawings in random pages.Now, the plot, the characters (especially Mo who is not even a main character) and the way they are related to each other somehow was pretty cool. The story, however, is a different ... well ... story. If the packaging is what makes a reader pick a book up, the plot is what makes them buy it. It's like a summary that holds the promise of what you'll find in the book. The story, on the other hand, is more intimate and is what makes a reader hold on to the book and enjoy (or endure, even) each page. To cut it short, I found myself reading fast to finish the book not because I couldn't put it down but because I wanted to know how it will end (I already know WHAT will happen I just want to see HOW it will happen). The author also seemed to have a habit of quoting random things as if to give depth to it than what's necessary. It draws my attention away from the main story and those quotes come off as a filler. But that's just me. I was thinking if I had listened to Jim Dale telling the story I probably won't mind much so when I do get to have that version I will revisit this review to see if there's a need to tweak it.Ironically, the one word that I won't use to describe this book is the one mentioned in it a lot. Ineffable. The book was just okay.