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Pirate Cinema - Cory Doctorow Is it me or is this book screaming (a cross between) Hunger Games and Supernatural? You know? A girl with an estranged mother and a younger sister that means the world to her? The resistance? Angels who doesn't know why they're doing what they're doing? An agnostic archangel who has never talked to God because only one "messenger" (another angel) can do that? I could go on.I picked up the book because I've seen good reviews of it. Four to five stars everywhere. Words like "incredible", "gushing", "amazing", and even more "gushing" comes to mind. It's part-romance novel, so I can understand all the gushing.Do I like the book? Based on the stars (and my intro), you can say no but I should be more specific. I didn't like the first 75% of the book. It was a task to read this book and it's not even a complicated, philosophical one. Other than the Hunger Games type of characters I have to say I didn't like the dialogue. It's ... thin. Awkward. Maybe a bit trying hard on the sarcastic side. I understand where they're getting at but it doesn't work for me.The last quarter of the book, however, is a different story. Cliche, I know, but "the plot thickens!" It becomes more interesting as the story unfolds. The romance becomes more bearable and the exchange of words seem to come out more ... natural. It was actually pretty good. This is supposed to be a trilogy (I think) so it leaves the reader wondering what will happen next but not in an annoying kind of way. It may be true that more questions arise and they will not get answered by the end of the book but that's what keeps the readers hanging on and waiting on the second one, I guess. Now, this is me filling in the blanks but I kind of have a feeling Penryn is some sort of a descendant of an Angel ... or something like that. I guess we'll have to see in the next book. Am I going to read the second book given the stars and the initial dislike of dialogue? Yes, I think the plot is pretty good and could be developed into something awesome. I am hoping the next books will be good from beginning to end. :)**SPOILER FROM HERE ON**Oh yes, I'd root for Penryn being an angel. I mean, an affair between an angel and a Daughter of Man is forbidden (and any offspring they might have is bound to be a Nephilim) so how else could this work? Unless Raphael becomes human but HE'S AN ARCHANGEL (and a self-righteous one at that!) so I don't like that idea, heh. Also, she can wield an angels sword. Granted, it gave her permission because she was going to help the owner but what about when she was able to wield it when Raphael couldn't anymore because of his new demon wings? That could mean the sword belongs to Penryn already ... but she's a Daughter of Man?! Oh and that's another thing I didn't like, the wings. Beliel, the demon angel wanting his wings for vanity purposes (yes demons can be vain but ... meh). I kind of like the idea that they did that as a smear campaign against Raphael. So they could've left it at that. Beliel's "I can't wait to show this off in hell cause no one has feathers in their wings down there" bit is kind of a mood killer.