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City of Glass  - Cassandra Clare I almost stopped reading it just because the characters' not-doing-whatever-it-is-they're-told-attitude kinda pissed me off. Teenagers are that way, I know, but it gets old. It can only have too much juice to get you going. Like from book one to book three it's the same attitude over and over and over and it gets annoying. Plus (SPOILER ALERT!) they killed Max. So that was sad and I'm not very fond of cute kids dying.Other than that I thought this book was way way way better than the first two. It's not just because of the happy ending (and I'm a sucker for happy endings) although that played a part, too. Lol. I liked the way politics and corruption was played out. How they say it's the people and the system the people creates and not the organization that ruins things. The twists got better but some parts got predictable like (SPOILER ALERT!) how Sebastian is actually the real Jonathan Christopher. And how Sebastian might come back cause his body was never found. Of course we all know from the very beginning Jace and Clary can't be real siblings. Otherwise it's gross. Anyhoo, like Simon once said, never trust that a villain is dead unless the body is recovered. Or something like that.There are bits and pieces that I like and bits and pieces that I don't. But while I liked 30%-50% of the first two books I liked about 80% of City of Glass so I wanted to give it three and a half stars. Four cause I'm generous. :p