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Bad Signs

Bad Signs - R.J. Ellory The thing that I loved about this book is how the author carefully built each character and events so that they somehow cross paths along the way. Like how the problem was with the two brothers having the same eyes, for example. Overall, this is a brutal and violent book. A lot of swearing, which might actually be entertaining (not that I can ever even imagine myself, or anyone, swearing as much as these characters did) for the sarcastic minded but might be too much for the faint at heart. The thing that I didn't like, however, are a couple of minor inconsistencies in the story. I wouldn't say I'm over analyzing since I found these instances very obvious.One, Digger can drive. Somehow. I mean, yes, he's 18 (or almost) but there is no mention in the book that he ever held a car before especially in juvie and especially since a kid with his record would probably not be trusted with such a task as driving. I thought perhaps Earl Sheridan taught him how to, that was the closest explanation I could imagine. It's just odd.Second was when Earl Sheridan mentioned Clay's real name (Clarence) which they never really used. He always called Digger, Digger. And Digger always called Clay, Clay. And if it was Digger who introduced them both then he would've said his name was Clay because he was the one who said Clarence is too feminine of a name. Or something like that. Okay, maybe now I'm over analyzing.