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Trial by Desire - Courtney Milan First off, I'm a huge fan of the Harry Potter series. I was one of those students (yes I was still a student at that time), who patiently waited for each book to come out ever since I read the first one. Having said that, people may think, "Of course she'll love a Harry Potter sequel!" Actually, no. I think, as a fan, I'd be skeptical about a fanfic of any book that I like. Why? Because I don't want the memory of something that I thought was so good be "tainted" by something trying to be like it in case the "copycat" turns out to be a bad one. But THIS! THIS made me G. Normal Lippert fan.At first, I was doubtful even if the reviews were good since each reader is different. I always thought that the original is always better then a fan fiction. I'm not saying James Potter exceeded Harry Potter but I would boldly say it's on the same level. Maybe the writer actually studied how J.K. Rowling wrote, I think he did because he used some of the characters too and he needed to use them the way Ms. Rowling did before. But in an older version of them, of course.The difference, other than the characters and the "era" is that James Potter is also part SciFi whereas Harry Potter is purely of the fantasy genre. Mr. Lippert's version is also more political (the story is) so, unlike HP1, JP1 isn't very much a children's book. It's about the level of HP5, HP6 and HP7 where things got darker and the characters are grown up. I think the more "children's book" genre of JP1 is mostly at the end whereas HP1 has children's section written all over it. Not that I mind.Speaking of characters. 1) Zane reminds me of the Weasley twins. 2) Ralph was a surprise waiting to happen. 3) Ted Lupin is also like the twins which is far from how I imagined him from the epilogue of HP7 but it was a pleasant difference, nonetheless. 4) McGonagall is still awesome! 5) Neville is still cute. 6) Hermione, I loved how Mr. Lippert immortalized her blowing-her-bangs gesture but that was actually part of the movies I think, not the book. 7) Ron ... I don't know what he does. He works for Weasley's Wizard Weezes? Maybe I'll confirm in the next books? 8) Harry (how can I forget) is just how I imagine he would be. Cheesy. Haha! and of course 9) James is much like his dad except more hot tempered. I guess that was what Dumbledore meant when he told McGonagall Harry was far better off growing up away from all the fame when he left him at the Dursley's. Speaking of which, I hope there's a Dursley story somewhere in the next books. :D So ... the things that I loved, pretty much all of it. Haha! Hard to pinpoint without spoiling it really. Some parts may be cheesy and I have noticed some inconsistencies as any fan might do but it doesn't matter right now. I'm a huge fan of HP not rabidly fanatic about it. :)