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11/22/63: A Novel

11/22/63 - Stephen King I'm still scared of writing this review because Jake Epping might come edit it. Ha!This book reminded me why Stephen King was one of my favorite authors as a teenager. I forgot how good he can be.I loved both the beginning and ending of the story. As in I cried at the beginning and wanted to say "aww" in the end. There may be dragging parts in between and that's what I took one star off the rating for. His (main character's) final decision may be predictable too but that's expected of a historical fiction + time travel story, isn't it? Besides ... the past is obdurate. :p I wasn't sure how I'd take it when I realized there's a love story angle in this novel but that was what made the last few pages of the book good.It took a while for me to finish this because I was listening to the audiobook while reading the paperback. As for that, I have to say the narrator kind of over reacts in some parts of the story telling especially during Al Templeton's part but I still enjoyed it mainly because of the different accents of the different characters in different states. Overall I still liked how he read it as he is a good performer.Would I read this book again? Yes. If only to count the times Jake/George said :The past is obdurate." :p