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Inside Out and Back Again

Inside Out & Back Again - Thanhha Lai This was such an easy read but it has the depth an award winning book should have. Most historical fiction I've read with immigrants and refugees are related to the Russians and Jews so I wanted to read something set in Asia for a change. It's my first Vietnam war related book. When I read the blurb, I didn't know it was written in free verse poetry. When I saw that it was written that way I became even more interested. I can't say I'm big on poetry, free verse or not. But this one was okay. The journal-type presentation made it easier to read because it only had the more important details. I love that it doesn't drag.For me, this falls under the children's category more than young adult. That's not to say other age range shouldn't read it. I did and I'm not a kid anymore. I just think it can inspire kids and teach them a lot about coping and waiting for the right time etc. I think this can even be a good bedtime story. I understand it's filled with doom and gloom but it's not something that could be misinterpreted.I loved this and I think it's award-worthy but it didn't exactly make me go wow so ... four stars from me.